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1-877-803-2211 We deliver 24/7 cakes in one hour notice

1)   What areas in the United States can I get a erotic cake?

We serve All fifty states, twenty four seven delivery. We also serve other areas in the world, ask our sale persons for details, store locations. facts information

2)   Do you make other sexy cupcakes and cookies too or items not on the site?

Positively! Search our cupcake designs or discuss your special cupcake designs with one of our gracious customer service representatives. Cupcake orders start at one dozen minimum and may range to 125.00 or more for some custom fondant orders. facts information

3)   How do I know my order will be private and delivered inconspicuously and my Financial info is secure?

We keep all your information totally confidential, and your financial information is completely secure within our system, with our S.S.L. secure server web site. Speak to our customer service agents or live chat support to have your cake transported in a plain white box.

4)   Where are we located?

We are Thousands of bakeries around the United states, none of which is named “Erotic Bakery” seldom, if any, feature sexy exotic cakes in their display, too embarrassing to reveal to their clients. By contacting Erotic Bakery, you can reach a professional fondant cake specialist close to you who can produce a sexy cake close to your specifications.

5)   What flavors and combinations are available in my cake order?

You can choose from a wide variety of flavor and filling combinations for cakes and cupcakes, as well as butter cream and fondant icings. Cake flavors come in vanilla and chocolate, fudge, lemon, Dulce leches, all sort of mousse’s and red velvet. Fillings also come in chocolate, vanilla, cherry, pineapple, blueberry, apricot, raspberry, and much much more. If you want something more unique, please discuss this in,ahead of time with your customer service.

6)   What chances are there for me to customize my erotic cake order?

Our specialist cake design team will work with you to create your ideal xxx-rated cake design for any event. Every cake or cupcake order can be changed in nearly any way needed to suit your needs. Details like skin tone, size, hair color, clothing colors and details, cake flavors, fillings and icing flavors are just a few ways we can personalize your order.

7)   What forms of payment do you allow?

We process all major credit cards or PayPal or Western Union.

8)   Do we deliver anywhere you want?

Yes, we offer delivery in all areas. With only ONE hour notice try us in a clinch. Please contact us to determine when your ready to try us out.

9)   How much does an Adult cake cost?

Costs vary depending on the size, amount of servings, difficulty and amount of personalization needed for any particular exotic cake order. A fondant cake big enough to feed 15 people costs approximately $125.00 an up for a standard design and flavor combination. Cupcakes range around $120.00 for a dozen and up . Call your live support agent now or customer service baker now, your spokesperson can give you a specific cost quote for your correct cake specifications before you place an order.

10)   How does the order process work?

Customers can place orders through email, telephone or our live chat support. We prefer one day lead time, however we have cakes ready in one hour if necessary. We always can do short notice orders with an added convenience fee – please talk about this with your customer service representative. Start by looking through our unique picture collection for ideas about what sort of naughty cake or cupcake or cookies or pops you find appealing. Either select a standard cake or decide on areas to personalize. When ready, order online if you wish, or call one of our service sales persons to finalize your order.

11)   Who are the expert bakers making my erotic cake?

All our bakers are highly trained professional trained baker chefs and many of them have art training, from the top  culinary schools.

12)   What celebrations might need an Adult sexy erotic XXX-rated cake?

An erotic cake is ideal for a bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday party or any other event where a naughty sexy cake would be fun and welcome.

13)   What styles of exotic cakes are available in our stores?

Erotic Bakery New York can arrange for any style of penis, boobs, butt, pussy or sexy hot hot body cake you can imagine. You can choose from one of our typical XXX-rated designs or custom design your own based on your own drawing or computer exact photos. Every cake design is skillfully baked and realistically iced to excellence.

We deliver 24/7 cakes in one hour notice

1-877-803-2211 We deliver 24/7 cakes in one hour notice

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Delivery of our cakes anywhere in the United States & more in one HOUR Stores IN Alaska Atlantic city Alabama Arkansas Arizona California Canada Connecticut Colorado Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Las Vegas Nevada Los Angeles Louisiana Maine Massachusetts Maryland Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nassau Bahamas Ontario Paradise Island New Hampshire Nebraska New Jersey New Mexico New Orleans New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island San Francisco Savannah Seattle Washington South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Toronto Utah Virginia Vermont Washington DC West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

1-877-803-2211 We deliver 24/7 cakes in one hour notice


Home  !    Email    !   Price sheet !  Locations  

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