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  1. Davita (New York) –This is the second time I ordered a bachelorette cake from erotic cakes USA, which operates out of the forest hills bakery. The first time I got the cake in NYC and the second time it was in Key West, and baked/delivered by a local bakery that they work with. Both times the cakes came out perfectly and they also tasted really good! All the girls loved them. There are weird reviews below about this being a scam must be old/not relevant- don’t worry
  2. Sabrina (new York) —A dear friend of mine turned 30 over the weekend, so I had to get something special given she also eloped with her girlfriend recently.  I ordered a female torso with boobs and sexy lingerie, with a message “breast wishes!,” and it was just perfect.  Provocative yet tasteful (I didn’t want something too vulgar) and tasty (the cake was really delicious and many commented on how yummy it was – perfectly moist, not too sweet with layers of icing not too thick or thin), the cake made a great conversation piece among the party attendees, not to mention the Bday girl absolutely loving it – she saved one breast to take home after the party.What I really appreciated was that my sale person was helpful and very thoughtful:  when I forgot to place an order, he called to remind me.  When I wasn’t sure what to order, he made suggestions that were helpful, i.e., letting me have chocolate and vanilla icing half & half.  When I changed my delivery option and time at the last minute, he worked with me and made it happen without being difficult.  It was overall a very nice transaction; the cake arrived totally on-time; and they called to follow-up!  I will definitely order again.  Highly recommend this place for a cake that will surely help create unique Bday memories!
  3. Gabriel (New York) —Ok, so a couple of years back I decided that for Mother’s Day I was going to get a breast cake for the women in my family and reference their “breastinality” (pechonalidad in Spanish) and I decided to call up these guys to help make this possible. Not only did they deliver a great looking cake which fed more than enough people, they delivered the cake on time, and they only charged me $20 to deliver the cake into Manhattan. After that, I have recommended this place to many folk in need of erotic baked goods, and none have been disappointed.The price is alittle steep but the cakes are delicious and well crafted.
  4. Randy (New York) — As you can imagine, this isn’t an everyday type of cake one needs. But holy crap am I glad there were helpful reviews ! to help guide me towards Erotic Bakery. They were VERY professional and didn’t care about the timidness in my male voice.I did a last-minute penis cake for a friend’s bachelorette party which I wouldn’t attend but wanted to donate a gift- so I needed precision since I wasn’t there to facilitate. Erotic Bakery coordinated the dropping off of the cake at the bar my friend was going to and handled all the paperwork right over the phone (you will need to sign and fax/e-mail back a copy of the order form). Ordered the day before the event; approximately 15 hours before the event, no issues.Ask for a picture when the cake’s done baking, they’ll text or e-mail you one!I’m told the cake itself was delicious and looked excellent. For reference, I got the white skin, male organ shape laying on cake, tux, bow hat, “no secretion”. Filling was vanilla in a chocolate cake. Sorry, don’t have a picture as the females tend to not share bachelorette party pics with anyone outside the event…but they swear it was awesome and the 1 far away pic they sent was too obscure to post.
  5. Levett (California) — All I can say is they are simply the best ! Here’s the deal I live in LA and my buddies birthday party was in Vegas the next day. Not only did they get the cake there for dinner is was flawless. I will only order from them you will not be disappointed
  6. Yooji (California) — I ordered my cake for my sister’s bachelorette party. I was a bit worried that it would be too late to place an order because I had waited til the last week, but everything turned out great. I will be back to order more cakes for other special occasions. Erotic Bakery makes cake ordering so convenient. They delivered it right to our hotel at the specific time they promised. The cake was a BIG hit at the party and everyone enjoyed it! Thank you 🙂 P.S. My sales Girl was a wonderful at helping me order my cake. Great customer service. She calls you before, during, and after the time of your cake delivery to make sure everything goes as planned. Thanks !
  7. Tina (California) — I bought a cake for my boyfriend and all of his guy friends loved it.  all of them think i am an awesome girlfriend for getting this.  when it was time for cake cutting, literally everyone took out their phones and start taking pictures of the cake pressed against my boyfriends chest (i got him boobies).  It was hilarious and made our night perfect.  I was surprise the taste of the chocolate cake, it was delicious.  i ordered one from the city before with another bakery and all it has on the cake was the look, it tasted awful.  i would definitely recommend all my friends to order from this bakery.  hopefully i get something like this on my birthday.
  8. Sean (Brooklyn New York) — This place was need less to say amazing. I needed a cake for my roommates birthday, i was stressed cause i never ordered anything like this before, but everyone i talked to was really nice easy to talk to and very helpful with confusing points for me. all in all a great experience. Best cake i ever had. thanks Guys.
  9. Frances (Chicago Illinois) — I ordered my best friend’s bachelorette cake from here and it was beyond AWESOME!!! They had a large selection of cakes, flavors, and fillings. Joe the representative who helped to assist me with the ordering process was professional, friendly, and made the process simple. The cake was the talk of the night. I love this place and will be ordering them from them again!
  10. Wendy(Brooklyn New York) — I ordered a penis cake from the Erotic Bakery USA  for my sister’s bridal shower a week ago and I was extremely satisfied.  Placing the order was easy and the service was very efficient.  Erotic Bakery USA was not only prompt with their delivery, they make quality novelty cakes – the cake was moist and delicious.  It definitely made for a fun bridal shower!
  11. Maden (White Plains New York) — Worked with George who was not only extremely helpful but was quite on top of things.  Had a “boob” cake made for my friends birthday for 15-20 people and damn was it awesome.  Cake was delivered to the venue, and beat what my friends and my expectations.  I read a few of the negative reviews and my only thought was they didn’t deal with George.  Next time I need a custom cake, George will be my first call.
  12. Erika (Salt Lahe City Utah) — So we live in Utah, where there are NO exotic bakeries.  Now I know why.  In Utah, you cannot have any nipple or private area showing otherwise it’s considered porn (which is illegal here).   The delivery was nice, but I would have liked to have the option to pick it up myself.  The guy who answered the phone, was awesome, though.  He called before the cake was delivered and after.  Great customer service.  I would like to note for the record, that I DO NOT WORK FOR THE BAKERY!  And I don’t think all these people do either.  This is a legitimate business and it’s rude to make assumptions.
  13. Shannon (New Orleans) — I ordered a very cute penis cake for the best friend’s bachelorette this past weekend in New Orleans. The cake turned out so well!! I could not have imagined it better especially with me calling such short notice (the week of). It was beyond everyone’s expectations tho no one knew I had ordered it. I worked with GEORGE who was absolutely helpful, passionate, and caring. He stayed on the phone with me thru the whole process and even talked me thru everything that I specified on the cake!I know specialty cakes can get pricy so the price is the only reason I took off one star. Though some of the price was split between 10 girls I know the price can be much but the bride to be is like my sister and knew at the end of the day is totally made the weekend!I again cannot express my thanks for the work GEORGE did on it and the details that were added as per request! He truly made is unique by added the groom-to-be’s personality with the musical notes and the ring! It was definitely an amazing cake that i think all 11 of the girls will be talking about for a while including the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be as he got many pictures sent to him of it!!
  14. Sam (Miami Florida) — I had a wow exotic cake for my best friend’s bachelorette party, in Miami Florida to die for. We had a party in the nightclub on the strip in Miami Florida at our friend’s bachelorette party. I was the one who was assigned the adult cake for her bachelorette party in Miami Florida. I went to this web site and found hundreds of cakes, shapes styles and so realistic. The order process was finite and street forward. I was told all details, and they kept asking me if I understood what I was ordering. They sent me a contract; they supplied me with a photo of the cake before delivery. They also let me pick the time and place for the bachelorette cake to arrive in the club in Miami Florida. Everything went to a tee. We all loved the exotic, I looked look like I did a great job her. Thanks folks, I will order again.
  15. David (Boston Massachusetts) — So at the last minute I decided what a bachelor party that I was helping to throw needed was an erotic cake.  There is an erotic bakery in downtown Boston but their dirty cakes look pathetically simplistic and couldn’t feed the number of people we had coming.  So I searched around and found that these guys could delivery and that many of their cakes looked incredibly detailed.  So I coordinated with them to get a very specific cake (a girl with a Canadians jersey ripped open, you can see the cake here…).  I was a bit worried about how it would turn out but when the cake arrived on Friday it was PERFECT!  It was a huge it at the bar (other people were taking pictures with their cell phones and laughing) and the bachelor LOVED it!  Was definitely the perfect end to the day of debauchery.
  16. D.J. (Houston Texas) — I found them online and I was skeptical at first, because I wasn’t going to be able to sample the cake and everything was done over the phone and through fax. But I was presently surprised. the cake turned out beautiful, everything that I imagined. It even looked better than the photo that they have on the website. The employee that delivered the cake, was punctual and was very helpful. The cake was delicious. Very moist. It was a chocolate cake and sometimes, chocolate cakes can be very over baring and too rich, but this cake was just right. For the most part I had a good experience, no complaints.
  17. Jeanr (Texas Houston) — in Huston Texas, went a story about an adult erotic bakery in Huston Texas. It was a few hours before my sister bachelorette party in Huston Texas, When I showed up at the bakery for my cake. They were closed, wow. What I did is a scram to the net for this eroticbakery USA web site. They kept promising don’t worry, Joyce took my call, made it all sound simple. She said that she get’s this type of call all the time. She took all my info, showed me on my phone, a huge amount of types, and exotic styles of cakes. I picked one out, within minutes got confirmation, by email, two and a half hours after my first call, the x-rated cake showed up. May I say I was skeptical, didn’t believe, now I can say they are tops, the cake looked cool, and even tasted good. Already ordered another cake from the erotic bakery of Huston Texas, thanks
  18. Katy (Chicago Illinois) — I can’t much else but good things about this bakery’s dot com. The bachelorette party in Chicago Illinois was a complete success with their exotic shaped custom cake.We decided at the last few days to find an appropriate custom exotic cake for out friend’s bachelorette party in Chicago Illinois. The bakery came up on all the search engines. The comments were hundreds of satisfied customers. So we called the branch in Chicago Illinois. The cake service was expert, knowledgeable, and got it delivered right to the hotel, waiting for us before we got there. I like the taste, am since I have more girlfriends that will have bachelorette parties, they got my vote. The best is that they are in my home town of San Diego California, and all 50 states to boot
  19. Tina Manhattan New York City) — One thing i have to say is that these guys def know what they are doing…!
    So it was my birthday party and one of my friend decided to throw me a surprise party which was going great and everybody was enjoying themselves….and then the cake arrived! Well my jaw just about droped when i saw this erotic cake arrive ….it was just amazing! Usually you laways have those cakes that are tacky and actually not very good ,but this cake was very well done and was delicious!….and made exactly the statement that my friend wanted it to do …….After the initial glee of my crowd i spoke to my friend karmela that ordered the cake and had nothing but praised for this little hidden gem and told me that the person that made the cake was very attentive to details and had it ready in time and was exactly what she ordered…..Yay to those guys ….keep up the good work!
  20. Dana (Brooklyn New York) — placed a last-minute order for a cake and it was delivered on-time and everything was perfect.  My sister had just had surgery for breast cancer and it was so much better than sending her the traditional balloons or flowers – this made her laugh and was a hit!
  21. Lia (New York) —I wanted to order a “boob” cake for my 27 year old Cousin who was diagnosed with breast cancer in late June.  After doing some research I came upon Erotic Bakery USA the Forest Hills, NY location and found just what I was looking for. Called and spoke to neil, he was extremely pleasant and helpful.. Told him what  the cause was and what I wanted and he delivered! It was a lil pricey and didn’t look like the picture, but I loved it, was still satisfied and the expression on my cousins face was PRICELESS!!
    Delivery was as promised and Neil was awesome with following up and making sure I was a satisfied customer.. Would definitely order again.
  22. Nicole (Ohio Cleveland) — I ordered a cake for my friend’s bachelorette party a couple months ago — the cake was fantastic, and everyone enjoyed it!!! The only problem that we had was the delivery company tried to deliver the cake at a time that was no agreed upon (which was the only problem that I had with the service — and something that the bakers had no control over). I would definitely use this company again! Thanks!
  23. Abiola (Maryland Olney) — I order a cake for my friend bachelorette party it was awesome. I live in Olney, MD and they were here within a reasonable time I spoke to the manager and he was always very helpful and even called me afterwards. Great service excellent product.
  24. Lauren (Philadelphia Pennsylvania) — I decided to throw my husband a “Dirty 30”- I searched erotic cakes and I came across this website. The Cakes looked amazing and I really wanted to make this party official. I ordered an a$$ cake from the erotic bakery and spoke to Neil. He was very nice and very accommodating. He called the day of to make sure I would be there for the delivery and called a week later to ask how the party and cake were. The cake looked so great (not to mention delicious) and many dirty pictures were taken. I would def use the erotic bakery in the future.
  25. Charlene (Louisville Kentucky) I ordered an adult novelty cake for my bestie’s bachelorette party.  It was awesome!  Erotic Bakery did a great job.  Great customer service and prompt response.!!
  26. Halley (Austin Texas- Las Vegas) — My best friend who I?ve known for over 20 years was getting married last weekend. I set everything up in Las Vegas. We had strippers, food, hotel room & everything. We had 20 girls & they were having a great time. The bakery was supposed to have the cake to pick up Saturday night. They called and said something about over booking their work. I was mortified what could I do. I found this exotic bakery that sold bachelorette cakes on line, they said they could have the cake in one hour. They came through with exactly what I ask for and more, they even delivered the cake to the bar. I love this web site. You have to try them.
    just use them again loved them in new york, everything worked out great, delivery bit slow, otherwise loved them again…
  27. Lynn (New York , Queens) — I was happy with the “penis” cake I got for a bachlorette party. Aaron was helpful. The best was that I screwed up the date and they were able to deliver with 6 hrs notice (for $20 extra).  Dependable.
  28. Ashleigh (Texas Grenville) — I needed a cake for a fiesta themed bachelorette party. I wanted an erotic cake and found this bakery which I was really surprised delivered pretty much anywhere! There wasn’t a picture of exactly what I had in mind on their website but I called and they assured me they could create something. The cake was perfect for the occasion and they did a great job on creating something for the fiesta theme! The only downfall was the price was a little costly for the size of it. The cake was a big hit and it tasted good too! The staff was also really helpful and friendly on the phone.
  29. Andrea (California Santa Cruz) — Threw a bday party for my best friend….took a photo of his motorcycle and not only was it awesome looking but it tasted great!!!!
  30. Natasha (Brooklyn New York) —  planning my friend’s bachlorette party when I came across this bakery online. I did to try it out for my boyfriend’s birthday party. They have a really great service.
    I ordered the cake the same day of the party and it was delivered to the house. The manager was very helpful. He has a lot of patience. I has difficulties with my cellphone (it died in the middle of ordering the cake), my printer and fax was not working properly. I had to run back and forth trying to get all the paperwork. They even called after the party to see how my boyfirend liked the cake. I am definitely using them for the girlfriend’s bachelorette party and many more parties to come.
  31. Felisha (Queens New York) — This was the first time I’ve ever purchased an erotic cake and I couldn’t have made a better choice. I wanted my boyfriend’s 23rd birthday to be one to remember so in addition to throwing a surprise party, I placed and order for a 3D Huge Boobs cake with the New York, NY area and let me tell you; the customer service was great. The cake was amazing inside & out. My guest and my boyfriend especially loved it.
    Thanks guys for helping me make this a great birthday for him.
  32. Jenna (New York Manhattan, Florida Sarasota) — My boyfriend and his friends were down in Sarasota Florida for a guys trip for his birthday, but were not doing anything really special to celebrate so i thought i would send them a cake that they all could enjoy. I called up Erotic bakery in the morning and they were so accommodating and helpful and were able to get a beautiful huge cake down to them a few hours later. They got such a kick out of it and said it was so delicious. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants a fun erotic cake. I will def be finding more occasions for them to hook me up with!
  33. Colleen (Philadelphia Conshohocken) — This place is not local to me but I do enjoy the convenience of delivery and they delivered MORE than excellent service!!!! The ordering process (phone/fax/email) went very smoothly and the staff were just super super friendly and helpful! OH..and the cake (a breast cake for a male friend’s b-day) was GREAT!!! Looked almost real 😉 And VERY VERY delicious!!! Highly recommend this bakery 🙂 🙂 🙂
  34. Barbara (New York Brooklyn) The titty cake was a gift for my boss for his birthday (and to celebrate his recent divorce).   We had it delivered to a very nice restaurant close to Rockefeller Plaza ion New York City – and were amazed at the reception it received from people not even in our party!  It was hilarious watching these jaded business men scampering around the cake to take pictures (you’d think they never saw a pair of tits before).  My boss was touched by the surprise, and everyone enjoyed the quality of the cake.  It was a wonderful surprise for everyone!
  35. Amy (Arizona Paradise Valley) — The cake addition to our annual party was a huge hysterical hit, and tasty as well.  I recommend this service to anyone, anywhere!
  36. Paula (Indian Valparaiso ) — We were having a bacchlerette party for my daughter and after much searching I came across this sight and called to talk to them about their buisness, I was really impressed so I decided to order a cake and was very happy with the results. I am from a different state so I was leary, they called me on several occasions to follow up.
    I would highly recommend to anyone that wants something totally different
  37. Jenny (Maryland Saint Charles) — Overall experience was great.  I ordered a butt cake and breast torso with some modifications for a surprise party for my husband.  They looked good and tasted good.  They even became the main part of the party.  Neil was very nice and helped me with all my questions.  Ordered these cakes a week in advanced and they were delivered on time(in Maryland).  The only thing is the cakes were a little pricey but were well worth it in the end.
  38. K.C. (Maryland Land over)  — Working with Erotic Bakery in Maryland was a walk in the park.  I planned a year ago, and they were there for me from day one.  I always received positive customer service, and a return telephone call when I called with questions.  My cake was delivered on time, and I got a ray of comments from my guest.  Thanks Erotic Bakery for helping me celebrate my 30th birthday
  39.   Melagros (New York) — Hesitant at first… but surprisingly pleased!! It was just as I had ordered it!! A female latin style buttt for our good friend and colleague….. Happy 32 b-day!!! It was easy to order… spoke to a warm and friendly salesperson… and delivered when requested, right to my door!! How convenient is that??!! The cake and filling was excellent!! Soft, creamy, and not too sweet!! Picture perfect!! Thanks again Aaron!! Will certainly order from you again!!MILAGROS
  40. Nancy (New York , Flushing) — I wanted to get a friend of mine a birthday cake and didn’t want to just get a simple cake so decided to get him something he always talk about “Breast Cake”. I thought the service was great and they made pick up very convenient. They’ve kept me informed of the status of my order and I got the cake on time. Best of all my friend was surprised, ecstatic, and really appreciated the cake…most of all it was delicious. I would use Erotic Bakery again for other occasions.
  41. C.N. (New York, Freeport,Long Island) — I wanted something naughty and tasty and Erotic Bakery provided both.  They delivered on time with every part of the cake in tact.  Thank you Exotic Bakery 🙂  Good Job.
  42. Maden (White Plains , New York) Worked with George who was not only extremely helpful but was quite on top of things.  Had a “boob” cake made for my friends birthday for 15-20 people and damn was it awesome.  Cake was delivered to the venue, and beat what my friends and my expectations.  I read a few of the negative reviews and my only thought was they didn’t deal with George.  Next time I need a custom cake, George will be my first call.
  43. Dan (Bright Beach, new York0 —  My friends and I were looking for an erotic cake for my friend’s birthday and came across Erotic Cakes USA. The reviews on yelp were iffy but this was the only place that answered my phone calls so we didn’t have another choice. I was a little skeptical but my friend needed a cake.I had the pleasure of speaking with George. I gave him a guideline of what my friends and I were looking for and he added his own extra suggestions and tips. The cake came promptly and it looked amazing. The cake was a bit on the pricey side but was definitely worth it.At the event when the birthday boy opened the box and saw it, he loved it and so did everyone else. Everyone was laughing and taking pictures and on top of that, it was delicious.
  44. Steve (Florida , fort Lauderdale) I have a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer, luckily caught very early and she will not need any treatment except for surgery.  She elected to have both breasts removed and reconstructed, so she will not have to worry about recurrence.  I came up with the idea of a cake to mock her syrgery – since the outcome was so good.  My friend TRULY loved the cake.  She was taken with the design and the finishing touches.  I have heard alot of people say that these types of cake don’t tast good, they are just for looks – But my friends said the cake was very moist and tasted great, they really loved everything about the cake.  If I need another personalized cake – I will be calling you!!!  Thanks for everything.
  45. Judy (New jersey, Fairfield) — I was asked to get a butt cake at last minute by my boss for his friend’s 50th birthday.  I called the local baker and they were unhelpful.  I came across Erotic Bakery website and called.  I spoke with George.  He was very helpful and I received my cake in a few hours.  It was a little costly, but they came through and the cake was a hit!…. and delicious too!
  46. S.S. (Florida, Hollywood) — I love love love the cake it taste very delicious and my friends taste it also and said so also and you are the best in delivery and on time that made it even more special for me that day and you guys are the very and absolute very best with delivery on time and in schedule and all my friends love love love that cake they never seen anything like that and were soo amazed and excited to see something like that !!
    That’s what made the party even more excited was the perfect design of cake !!
  47. Pat (New Jersey Blackwood) — I was looking for an unusual cake to celebrate a special birthday when I came upon this site.  It was so easy picking out a cake, telling George what I wanted and when I needed it.  He was very accommodating with my delivery time since I work.  The cake arrived exactly the time I needed it and it was GREAT!  I couldn’t have been happier with it and neither could my friend.  He was so impressed!  It was a little pricey but  well worth it!  Thank you!!
  48. Anita (New York, Deer Park) — I also had a friend because she had ask me who made and what cake bakery was that  does this and I told them and referred her to exotic cake
  49. Ronald (Texas Longview) — Amazing service fast prompt amazing product love them and will use them again thank you for everything
  50. Colleen (Massachusetts, Georgetown0 — Amazing cake from my girls! A penis never looked so good!
    Thank you for making my birthday complete!!!

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